SummerSox flat, no-show socks line men's and women's shoes with style and comfort and help them stay fresh and last longer... A must have for any wardrobe.

What are Flat Socks?

SummerSox are the world's first completely flat,
no-show socks that give both women and men the no-sock look in their favorite shoes: flats, heels, wedges, slides, sandals, loafers, boat shoes and flip-flops.  


When the weather is hot, we ditch our socks to wear our favorite summer shoes and sandals. But going barefoot in your shoes leads to slippery, sweaty feet, and worse, shoes start to smell.  In the colder weather, stockings and thin dress socks leave your feet feeling cold and damp.  

It was because if this age-old problem that a groundbreaking new footwear solution was developed by Pizzo Innovations. Partners Carl and Gloria were tired of not being able to go sockless in their shoes without sacrificing comfort and hygiene.  All of the "no-show" socks on the market weren't living up to their name because you could still see them, and the disposable inserts were just plain gross because they left the daily funk in your shoes and could not be machine washed and reused. 

Since 2011, Pizzo Innovations' patent pending SummerSox debuted as the perfect solution to these problems because they provide a soft, comfortable layer between your feet and your shoe insoles to keep feet from slipping around, keep them cool and dry in the summer heat, and warmer in the winter.  Plus, their ultra-thin design doesn't affect sizing and their proprietary adhesive technology allows them to be removed, machine washed and used over and over again.

Wearing a fresh pair of SummerSox each day helps improve foot hygiene and extend the life of your shoes by protecting the insoles and reducing odor... That's because you remove the daily sweat and dirt that is absorbed into your SummerSox when you take them out at the end of the day to be washed.


SummerSox are made of a thin, soft fabric that slips easily into your shoes or sandals and are specially designed to stick to clean, dry insoles.* Because of their unique flat, topless design, they can be worn with out being seen and still give you the benefits of a sock: dryer, cleaner feet and longer lasting shoes. Plus, their special adhesive makes them stay put all day until you take them out and throw them in the wash to use over and over again. That's right, the adhesive stays sticky! 


 SummerSox are quality  MADE IN THE USA. Because they can be washed/dried and re-used over and over again for months and years, SummerSox are a much greener option than clunky, disposable shoe inserts which typically only last for days or weeks.  So, when you invest in a few pairs of SummerSox you actually save money because you eliminate the need to keep buying disposable products.  We actually have customers who are still using their original SummerSox from over three years ago.

* SummerSox stick to most clean, dry shoe insoles, but are not designed to stick to fabric or highly textured surfaces. For best results, clean shoe insoles first to remove any baby powder, lint or dust.