We are always excited to hear from our wonderful customers and fans of SummerSox around the nation and from around the world.  Thousands of people in the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Europe and now, South Africa are enjoying the comfort of our stylish flat socks. Here's a note from our very first, and very happy customer Liz in Johannesburg, SA:

"I finally fetched my SummerSox yesterday. I just was not able to get to the post office on time before then.

I am wearing them today for the first time and they feel great. I haven't ever been able to wear closed shoes without socks because my feet get really sweaty'. I've always used secret socks which are not such a secret! They always show and are sometimes so thick that they make my shoes feel so tight. I found some lace shoe liners but they always end up showing. I have been limited in terms of the types of shoes I can wear as I struggle with peep-toes and slingback shoes. It has only been a couple hour but I can already tell SummerSox are going to be life-changing. They feel really soft and my feet feel great because the moisture is being absorbed really well.

Perfect pairing: Liz styled her new zebra SummerSox with a great pair of nude sling backs.

Perfect pairing: Liz styled her new zebra SummerSox with a great pair of nude sling backs.

Have you ever thought of trying to get SummerSox distributed in South Africa? The process of getting them to me was quite tough and it's highly likely that the problem is with the South African postal service. I think there would be a huge market for them here because I see a lot of secret socks peeping out of shoes! I'd be happy to try and help you do that. I'd love to be able to walk into a store to buy SummerSox and I'm sure there are many people in SA who would love them too..."